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Accelerate your Mission with Bold, Fast Decisions

Rev up your success with Revtech Connect's certified RevOps coaching! Gain the competitive edge you need to: up-level your skills, validate your approaches, and unlock insights into high-growth opportunities.

Our expert coaches provide personalized support and collaborative problem-solving that targets your unique operational challenges. Get the guidance you need to make the right decisions with confidence, as our coaches prioritize your long-term, strategic development.

Why settle for anything less than the best? Choose Revtech Connect for unmatched expertise and thought leadership in RevOps coaching. Our certified coaches will help you accelerate your business growth and outpace the competition.


Identifying and Prioritizing Gaps

  • Analyze pipeline metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Benchmark your team and company against other high-growth companies.

Creating a Roadmap

  • Receive expert recommendations on tools and set-up for your roadmap.
  • Optimize your roadmapping meetings and strategies to ensure long-term success and adoption.

Skill Development

  • We’ll take a comprehensive approach to building a plan for your business, so you can track and measure your success in the upcoming quarters.

Designing a RevOps Org

  • Streamline your hiring process and receive feedback on job descriptions and onboarding plans.
  • Craft an optimized RevOps organization structure, complete with org chart and defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Gain the confidence to make tough decisions around hiring and firing.

Making Long Term Architecture Decisions

  • Comprehensive review of data and technical architecture
  • Analysis and recommendations of tools and tech stack
  • In-depth review of solutions, with opportunities for Q&A

Career Development

  • Our experts will assist in identifying your strengths and weaknesses in RevOps
  • Revtech Connect is here to help navigate your professional career path regardless if you are just starting out and want to become a revenue operations leader or a senior operations manager
  • Practice interviews and resume review

The coaching process commences with an evaluation aimed at recognizing your strengths, comprehending your objectives, and establishing a common understanding of the specific challenges you face as an operator.

Meet Jomar.

Jomar Ebalida is an accomplished digital transformation expert, Marketing Operations Pros community professor, revenue technology specialist, and growth hacker. With a proven track record of scaling startups, modernizing enterprise technology stacks, and devising successful market strategies across diverse industries, Jomar has led revenue technology transformation at Capgemini and is driving digital transformation for a major international law firm while advising other companies.

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