Rethinking RevOps

Gain Confidence in your Revenue Operation System

( Sales, Marketing, Customer , and Partner Operations )

About this Book:

If you're a revenue operations practitioner striving to stay ahead of the curve and elevate your skills, this essential guide is a must-read! Authored by a seasoned expert, this book is brimming with knowledge and insights to assist you in organizing, managing, and scaling your revenue operations system. The author challenges you to think beyond the conventional, incorporating design thinking, RevOps data automation, and real-time monitoring and testing to ensure your systems are efficient and adaptable to evolving business needs. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting, this book is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking success in revenue, marketing, sales, customer, and partner operations.


What readers say

"ReThinking Revenue Operations by Jomar Ebalida is a must-read for any business leader who wants to transform their revenue operations. With a unique blend of strategic and tactical insights, this book offers a comprehensive framework for success that can be applied to companies of any industry. As a thought leader in his field, Jomar Ebalida's practical approach will help you optimize your revenue operations and drive growth for your business."

Darrell Alfonso
Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations,

"Jomar Ebalida’s Rethinking RevOps is critical for all operations and business professionals regardless of revenue operations maturity. He provides easy-to-apply frameworks for properly resourcing and prioritization of RevOps initiatives. While he does a great job explaining theory, his real-life examples help readers apply to their business scenarios. If you are looking to take your RevOps understanding and practice to the next level, this is a must read."

Mollie Bodensteiner
Global Revenue Operations Leader, Deel

"Jomar Ebalida has extensive experience in transforming revenue operations in both startup and enterprise environments and his book, Rethinking RevOps, will empower you to do the same. Rethinking RevOps is full of unconventional and thought provoking strategies as well as tactical advice that you can implement within your instance or tech stack today. Any revenue operations or marketing automation practitioners striving to drive impactful results in their organization need to read this book!"

Ana Neumann
Marketing Automation Manager, Meta

About Author

Jomar Ebalida is an accomplished digital transformation expert, Marketing Operations Pros community professor, revenue technology specialist, and growth hacker. With a proven track record of scaling startups, modernizing enterprise technology stacks,

and devising successful market strategies across diverse industries, Jomar has led revenue technology transformation at Capgemini and is driving digital transformation for a major international law firm while advising other companies.


Jomar Ebalida


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